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Here you’ll find all my ramblings about things I find interesting or projects that I’m working on.

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Auto-switching power profiles when plugging in your charger using power-profiles-daemon on Linux

9 Dec 2021 2 minutes
A small script to automatically switch your power profile based on whether your laptop is charging or not

Running unprivileged LXC containers on Fedora

2 Dec 2021 6 minutes
A complete guide on setting up and running unprivileged containers on Fedora with bind-mounts and SELinux support

Building a 3D printer from scratch

22 May 2021 8 minutes
How I designed and built my own DIY 3D printer, from random blobs to building Benchy

Building a high-availability cluster without using magic

28 Feb 2021 5 minutes
Building a high-availability cluster from the ground up using Pacemaker

Searching text in Django models

25 Feb 2021 9 minutes
Fast and flexible and text searching of multiple model fields in Django
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